Календарь RFC от Льюиса Ви

It’s GAME ON..for the month of MAY, with 7 off-road race events from RFC Global Series (RFCGS) 2017 stretching from Europe to Far Eastern Russia: in off-road 4×4 including ATV, UTV & Motorbikes (Enduro) categories: No.11 in the series: RFC East Russia (Amur) @ Blagoveshchensk (1-3 May). (12) RFC West Russia KMV (Caucasus) @ Pyatiagorsk (5-8 May) (13) RFC East Russia (Primorye) @ Artem (6-8 May). (14) RFC North Europe: Poland (27-28 May). (15) RFC West Russia (Smolenskoye Semigorie) @ Smolensk (26-28 May). (16) RFC Ukraine (eastern region, stage II) @ Zaporozhye (26-28 May). (17) RFC South Europe (Italy) @ Cormons (Gorizia) /Corno di rosazzo (Udine) from 26-28 May. Other classes also open for participation like Adv Sports 4×4, SUV, Light to Medium categories. Check with the respective RFC org. RFCGS race format for the Special Stages (SS) are followed/adapted from the rules/regulations from the mother event RFC of Malaysia (among the Top Ten Toughest Motor Races in the World). For our RFC aficionados in Russia, North Europe (Poland), Ukraine & South Europe (Italy), catch the thrills & spills of RFCGS, it’s Game On, & open for public/spectator viewing.